… Sansaw Men’s Shed, Shrewsbury…

We are a charity registered with the Charity Commission

Charity No. 1158135

We have created a place near Shrewsbury where men have the freedom to work with others;

To       1)    work on their own individual project

          2)    help someone else with their project

          3)    help with a community project

          4)    simply to be there for friendship and companionship

          5)    have fun

Typical Letter of Recommendation from client

Letter of recommation

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What is a Mens Shed?

Visit the MISIS website for an overview of how they run and why they are needed.


Sansaw Mens Shed Opening Times

It will now be open on Tuesday and Wednesday. 10.00am to 2.00pm.

Other days are available by arrangement with a member of the Trustees. Please contact one of them.

Frank Buckley – Phone: 01939-235912

Email: frankbuckley212@gmail.com

Answers to frequently asked questions

1. Who can join the shed ?
Membership is open to anyone who lives in the area, and who is happy and willing to share his skills and experience. The Shed is aimed mostly at men but if they share the same ideals women are welcome.

2. Who is in charge ?
The members of the shed run it and decide what is done there.

3. Is there a membership subscription ?
Yes. The current cost is £ 40.00 per annum

4. Are there any other Sheds in the UK?
In the UK there are over 100 Mens Sheds and this number is also growing. The newly formed UK Mens Sheds Association exists to help and support them. For more information, visit the Association website MensSheds

In Australia there are over 1000 Mens Sheds, where they have been growing in number for the last 10 years.

5. Do Mens Sheds work ?
The emphatic answer from the growing number of Shed Members around the world is YES.